C.Rene Desert Racing - C.Rene Studios

I have been involved in the arts for about a thousand years - I love to draw, paint, photograph, etc. How did I get involved in off-road racing, you ask? My dad saw From Dust to Glory about 4 years ago... and Desert Racing has been an integral part of our family ever since. I love it! As it turns out, off-road racing is a great subject matter for photos and paintings.

Here's what I do: My team and I go to each of the Best in the Desert races, set up a booth at tech inspection and display my work. I love meeting you all and hearing your crazy stories, so if you haven't yet, please stop by! Race day, my mom and I (my favorite photography team ever), go and photograph the race! The product of which you will find posted right here.

All of that is great, but what I love to do best is create custom works of art based on YOUR vehicle! So hit me up! I would love to get started on one for you!

Happy racing,

Chelsea Rene Davidson

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